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11/29 Momentary interruption in service

Today we had a momentary interruption in service due to a server restart. Everything should be back to normal and operational.

Anyone experiencing further difficulties that may have arisen from today's downtime, please use the contact support form to submit the issue (comments on this blog are not directed to the support queue).


Update on Blogger Beta compatibility

We've had a few questions about Hipcast's incompatibility with Blogger's beta system, and posts not appearing in a new blogspot blog.

Currently, our audio/video-to-blog system does NOT work Blogger's new beta service (this doesn't affect audio/video-to-podcast feeds, which do not rely on blog systems).

We are working on supporting the new Blogger, even though it's still an invitation-based beta release.

Blogger's new version of their service (which is still in beta, technically) requires that we connect to Google's Account login system instead of Blogger, which means that we must recreate or overhaul our code just for them (Google).

Note: Blogger's new beta system does not seem to be available to all users who use the old Blogger system. Contact Google for assistance with your Blogspot account.

We'll post an update when Hipcast is updated to work with the new Blogger.

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