New Feature Release : Caller-ID PIN Bypass

Today we’re announcing the release of a new feature many have asked for. That is the ability to use caller-id to bypass your PIN code entry.

You may now add your number, or the number of anyone you like, to the list of approved callers who may post to your blogs or podcasts.

To set this up on your account, click on the Account Tab, then click “Caller ID”.

The list will show only numbers that have successfully called into our media center using your PIN code, so if you don’t see your number in the list yet, dial into the media center and login one more time, then refresh this page.

When you see your number in the list, select the checkbox next to it, and then select “Grant PIN-less Authorization” from the drop-down list above. Your number is now approved for PIN bypass.

We’ll post some images shortly covering this process.

Tumblr Support Added

If you haven’t seen it, you should check out

It’s a very basic blogging system with promise, and it’s now supported in Hipcast as a blog service you can post to.

By default, HTML support is off in Tumblr, so you’ll have to disable the “Filter HTML” option on the Settings tab (see pic below). Once you’ve done that, you may post your audio and video directly via Hipcast.


Now, Tumblr is cool, but it is no WordPress.

Not that it’s not powerful, but the author’s focus is clearly on simplicity. However, in our opinion, there is no faster, easier way to get a blog up and running.

Now, there’s no easier way to get an audio or video blog up and running…. Hipcast + Tumblr.


Podcast By Phone Issue Resolved

It was reported to us today that members were unable to post directly to podcasts by phone due to a bug in an update made on Thursday afternoon.

This issue has been resolved, and podcasting directly by phone is now available.

The net result was that your audio was saved in your account, but was not added to your podcast. Automated syndication was also affected as the post did not occur.