Helpcast – Setting up my first blog

One of the coolest features that Hipcast has is blog integration, so we’re going to be setting up a blog for video and audio posts. I will be using Blogger (formally blogspot) since the setup for it is mostly automated. If you already have a google account, creating a blog with blogger is just a few clicks.

Once you’re set up with blogger and signed in, you should see a screen something like this:

After your blog is set up, simply navigate to the Blogs section of the Hipcast site, and select Add New Blog.

Then type in an identifier for you blog, select Blogger or your blog type, then Save and Update. (NOTE: Some blog types like WordPress require you to enable XML-RPC publishing. You can google the instructions on how to do that if you’re unfamiliar.)

If you are logged into your google account, you will be prompted that Hipcast is attempting to access your Blogger account. Simply click, Grant Access, and you’re done.

You now have a fully featured Audio or Video Blog! In the next update we will be uploading a multimedia file and posting it to our blog.

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