Helpcast – Customizing Hipcast Media Players

Even though our media player looks awesome, it may not fit in with everyone’s blog. That is why we have customization for our players on a per-blog basis. Set up your theme once on a blog and all published players thereafter will reflect your new look!

If you didn’t see the post on uploading multimedia, it is called Helpcast – Blogging with Audio and Video.

This tutorial also assumes that you have a blog set up. If you don’t, read this tutorial first: Helpcast Setting up my first blog.

Start by logging into Hipcast and navigating to Show Blogs in the Blogs tab.

Then navigate to the blog item you wish to edit and click Blog Preferences.

Select the Audio Player Style tab and you should be presented with a series of color and style options. (NOTE: You will only see the Audio and Video Player style tabs if you have uploaded or recorded Audio or Video Files)

As you make changes you can click the Preview Preferences button to refresh the player. Notice how I made the bar slightly longer and changed the background color to match with my blog’s theme. You can experiment to see what you like! If you want people to be able to download your file, or you want iPhone users to be able to listen to it, click the Publish MP3 Link radio button. Then click save changes. (NOTE: The colors are all in hexadecimal format. If you don’t know hexadecimal, click the palette and select the colors manually.)

You’re done. All that is left is for you to go back to your audio or video file and publish it to your blog. Here is what mine looked like:

Pretty neat. As usual, comment if you have any questions or comments, and let me know what tutorial you’d like to see next!

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