Helpcast – Posting Media Players On Facebook

Our podcast pages now allow users to easy post media-players directly to your Facebook wall. Note: You can’t currently post media that isn’t in a podcast to Facebook. You must also be logged in to Facebook to post on your wall.

Step 1: Open your Podcast List.

Log in to Hipcast and open up the podcast section in your sidebar menu.

Step 2: Select Your Podcast.

Pick out the podcast that you want to post an episode from.

Step 3: Navigate to the Podcast Pages tab.

The Podcast Pages tab is the right-most tab in your podcast section.

Step 4: Pick an Episode.

These are for your first or last podcast episodes. You can pick a different episode when you’re in the directory.

Step 5: Share it on Facebook.

Click the Facebook button in the share section under the Hipcast media player. We’ve also added support for sharing on Google Plus and Twitter.

Step 6: Select a Page and Confirm.

Your personal Facebook page is selected by default, but if you have a podcast set up as a page on Facebook, you can select that as well.

Once you post, your episode should show up like this.












When the link is clicked you will be directed to the podcast page for the podcast. Your listeners can listen to the episode you just linked to, and also access all your other episodes, and download and share on social media.

That’s all for Helpcast. If you want to post your episodes on the Hipcast Facebook Page and show them off, feel free! If you need help with anything described above, leave us a comment or contact support.