Helpcast – How to Post an Audio Player to Blogger

Hipcast makes it very simple to post an Audio in a Player to blogs like Blogger. Make sure to add your Blog to your Hipcast account to get started.

Step 1: Select Add New Blog.

Step 2: Fill in Service Name and Details.

Type a Name for the Blog in Service Name and select the Blog Service you use from the drop down box. Under Service Details make sure to enter your username and password for the blog. This is visible only to the blog and is used to authenticate with the blog service. Click Save and Update, and Hipcast will add the blog(s) to your Hipcast account.

Step 3: Select an Audio File to add to your Blog.

Click on the Title of the Audio you want to publish to the blog.


Step 4: Edit the description for the Blog Post.

Click on the Edit Description tab, You can change the title of the Audio here, and add a description which will post with your player on the blog.

Step 5: Publish Audio to your Blog.

Click on the Publish Audio tab, Select the Blog you wish to post to, and Click on Publish to Blog. You will see a preview page where you can Adjust your Post Title and Post Body. By default this is the title and description you have assigned to this audio. If you’re happy with it, click on Publish.

Step 6: Check out your cool post on your Blog!

The player will be added to your blog with the title and description you added above the player. On Blogger, you can then edit the post and add more to the post.

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