Posting Audio or Video to a Podcast Feed, Part II for for New Hipcast Podcasters

There are two steps for posting your audio or video on a podcast feed. After setting up your podcast feed, the next step is to add a New Post. (If you haven’t set up your feed yet, check out our tutorial on how to do this here)

There are a few ways to post to your podcast, including adding a remote media url. You can also record a Moblog or use our WebRecorder. This tutorial will cover the most common way to add an audio to a podcast, by uploading an existing recorded audio file from your computer. The steps for posting a video are basically the same.

Step 1: Choose an Audio to Upload

Login to your Hipcast account, and then click on Audio. The first three options under “Audio List”, are ways to add audio files to your Hipcast account. In this tutorial we will upload an audio file from a computer to the Hipcast account.

audio list_1

Click on “Upload Audio”. On the right side of the screen you will click on “Choose File”, and a box will appear on the screen showing files on your computer so that you can pick the audio file you want to upload.

choose file_2
chose a file_3

Once you have selected the audio file to upload, you will need to fill in the Title and Description for your audio file.

Step 2: Choose an Audio Quality

The next choice is to choose an audio quality. It is best to choose the quality that most closely matches the recorded quality of your audio file. Hipcast isn’t able to “upsample” audio files so there is no reason to choose a quality higher than one you have recorded at. If the recording is of a conference call or phone recording, choose Low since it can’t be improved or upsampled.
audio quality

Step 3: Upload your Audio file

At the bottom of the page there are 3 choices. You can upload and Publish to a blog that you have setup on Hipcast. You can upload and Publish the audio to your podcast feed. You can upload the audio file to your Hipcast account to publish later.

Publish to feed_6


Your audio will be placed on the podcast feed, blog according to your choice, and will be placed in your Audio Files.

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