Helpcast – Blogging with Audio and Video

Once you have your blog set up with Hipcast it is a very simple matter to publish your audio and video files in updates. I’ll be starting from where I left off with my last post: Helpcast – Setting up my first blog. I’m currently ignoring the player theme and advanced blog options for simplicities sake, but I will be posting a tutorial on that later.

In this example, I will be uploading an audio file and publishing it to the Blogger blog that I used in the last tutorial. It looks like this:

Pretty bland, but Blogger has a huge array of tools to spice it up. Start by logging into Hipcast and selecting Upload Audio under the Audio tab.

Complete the form by selecting the file (mp3, wav, etc) and giving it a title and description for organizational purposes.

Then select the file quality (I usually pick the highest since most users can stream it easily) :

Then select the blog or feed that you set up earlier if you do not need to customize your player and click Upload. (UPDATE: Customization Instructions)

Once the file is uploaded, it will take a moment (depending on file size) to convert it to a usable web format and post it to your blog. You may want to go edit the post on your blog once it completes to fine tune and relocate the player. Unless you have modified any of the posting options, you should end up with something like this:

The next tutorial will cover the advanced blog features and customizing your media player.