FAQs About Audios

Q: Can I post my audio on my website or blog in a media player?

We do have a way to post an embedded player to your audio from your podcast feed.

Log in to your Hipcast account, and click on Podcasts, and then on the title of the podcast. Go to the post that you want to publish online. There will be a link there for the audio in our Hipcast Podcast Directory, next to “Podcast Post”. Click on that link and go to the post.

Click on the button labeled “Get Embed Code” and copy and paste the HTML code to your website or blog.

Q: What format do audio files need to be for uploading?

We handle many different types of audio files, but the most common audio file type is .MP3. If your file doesn’t seem to be uploading, it may contain a codec that isn’t able to be used on Hipcast. You can convert the file to .mp3 with h262 encoding using a file conversion software like Handbrake, and this will usually resolve any non standard codec issues.


Q: What is the file size limit when uploading a media file?

There is a limit of 2100MB for each uploaded file.