FAQs About Podcasts

Q: How do I create Podcast RSS feeds with Hipcast?

Creating a podcast rss feed is very easy on Hipcast. Just click on Podcasts and then on “New Podcast”. Fill out the pages to create a new podcast rss feed. (Please note that you will only need to do this step once to create the podcast. You will post your episodes to the feed in a different step.)

Q: Can I change the title of my Podcast feed?

Once you have chosen a title for your podcast feed, and saved it, the title can not be changed. The podcast rss feed url for your podcast contains the title of the podcast, and changing the title after you have created it will cause problems if you have published the feed.

If you must change the title of a podcast, you will have to create a new podcast and delete the old one. You should also remove any references to the old feed where you may have published it as that feed will not continue to work if you delete it from Hipcast.

Q: Is there a way for me to customize the sorting order of the episodes of a podcast?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to edit the order of the episodes. One solution is to create a new podcast with the audios in the right order. Change the name of the old podcast, then rename the new one to the old name. You will need to make sure syndication is turned off in the new AND the old one before attempting it.

We do provide the ability to specify the release date and time for your podcast episodes. If you want your episodes in a specific order this could help you manage which post is released first or listed first in the podcast.

Q: Where can I find a list of directories where you post my podcasts?

Assuming you selected the “Syndicate My Podcast” feature when you setup your podcast, we use http://www.PingOMatic.com to syndicate for you. Please check with them as to the current set of directories they
feed into.